Cheese On Bread is a queer indie-pop band known for bouncy shows, childlike vocals, unlikely arrangements and an uneasy tension between silly and serious.

Sara Kelly & Dan Fishback started Cheese On Bread as an acoustic duo in 2002. Reviewing their first EP, the Philadelphia City Paper wrote, "All signs point to this being a joke band." The group joined New York's antifolk scene, expanded to a rock and roll sextet, and toured North America.

Their debut album, Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby (2004) was a cult hit. In 2007, they released their second album, The Search for Colonel Mustard, and toured extensively in Europe.

Since then, the members of Cheese On Bread have been split between four cities on two coasts. But after a decade-long hiatus and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the band is set to release their third album, The One Who Wanted More, in 2018.